• CONTROLLED / video installation

    Technique: Video Full HD, collage, manipulated image, animation
  • Duration: 4:56 min, loop
  • 2010

    In the work, the individual can't control his movements - he is deprived of self 
  • and the body is taken down.

    In cooperation with: Ivan Arnold, sound master 


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  • Photo documentation
  • Set-up at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia


    Video documentation
    Sequence from the video Controlled

    The work Controlled is part of the video series White.

    The human figure, the artist himself, is shown as a sign on the white surface without objects, set on the ground with no support, within a rectangular cut of the frame in the abstract field of the world of image. This loss of a "centre" is the loss of support - optical, moral, symbolic, or physical/material, manifested as a symbolic loss of ground under one's feet. 

  • Thanks to: AirAntwerpen, Felix de Clerck, Wouter Van der Hallen, Peter Ratray, Branka Benčić, Igor Zelić, Dragan Šiša