ON THE GROUND / video installation

Technique: video / DV PAL 4x3
Duration: 4:00 min, loop

On the ground consists of one static scene which is interrupted by a sequence of short «blitz» scenes. It shows a man. Tiny. Poor. Weak and naked. He isn`t able to get up. He is seen, watched and filmed from the upper angle. Like the object of a hidden camera.


Photo documentation
Set-up of the exhibition New members of HDLU Istria at the MMC Luka Gallery, Pula, Croatia


On the ground - the video
DV PAL / 4:49 min (loop)

On the ground from Goran Skofic on Vimeo.


Video documentation
set-up of the exhibition ”New members of HDLU Istria” at the MMC Luka Gallery, Pula, Croatia

On the ground / set-up at the MMC Luka from Goran Skofic on Vimeo.


Text about the work

In the work On the ground he touches a more obscure side of an individual and society, specifying the experience – psychological sphere and stressing its.
Carefully chosen statics of the scene and filming from the upper angle are tools with which he continually notes the control of the agony of the individual.
It is about the «drama» going on in front the public eye in which in the naked male body on the floor of a narrow corridor, there is condensed metamorphosis of suffering and we witness deprivation of human dignity.
The broken character due to the very act of supervision stops being exclusively individual and becomes the symbol of the mass.

The targeted watching «distance» of this stirring sight broken by short and sudden black and white huge scenes takes us a step farther and get us closer to the «body fragments», to the «eye and consciousness of viewer», increasing the impression of anxiety and disability.

Ketrin Miličević Miošek