SEKTOR / video 

Technique: video Full HD, screen projection
Duration: 5:29 min, loop 

Year: 2015


The video shows welders who have interrupted their strictly utilitarian work in order to perform a piece for welding machines composed by young Croatian composer Nenad Sinkauz. The video was shot in a shipyard in Mali Lošinj, Croatia, in the summer of 2014. It triggers associations with the idea of cooperation between artists and workers, which was once popularised by the communist party. This model was promoted in the 1960s not only within the former Eastern Bloc, but also in the UK by the Artist Placement Group (APG), among others. 

  • Director & Editor:  Goran Škofić
  • Sound composer:  Nenad Sinkauz
  • Production:  Goran Škofić, Dunja Janković & Škver Festival
  • Set coordinator & photography: Igor Bezinović
  • Welders:  Goran Antić, Filip Antić, Marijan Bosnić, Veljko Njatović , Nešo Natanović, Ljubo Knežević, Spayk

Photo documentation
Installation set-up at the Wrocław Contemporary Museum, Poland


Stills from the video...