Technique: site-specific video installation (Video Full HD)
Duration: 6:09 min, loop
Year: 2014

In the entrance to the gallery space, a lit light bulb (150W) is set at a 2 meter height. In the same space, there is a video screen showing that same space, including the hanging light bulb. The video shows the primary position of the viewer upon entering the gallery space and gives the impression of a live recording. After a while, the light bulb on the screen and the one in the space turn off by themselves - they are synchronized. The viewer finds oneself in darkness. After some time, a human figure enters the screen and turns on the light i.e. the light bulb. The gallery light also turns on at the same time. The light is turned off again; the human figure is returning over and over again to turn on the lights.



Photo documentation 1
Set-up at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Istria, Pula, Croatia

Photo documentation 2

Set-up at the AŽ Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia


Photo documentation 3
Set-up at the Praktika Gallery, Split, Croatia  (photos by Tihana Mandušić)






Video documentation 
Set-up at the AŽ Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia