LAST MINUTE SET-UP / video installation

Technique: Full HD / gallery projection + store objects
Duration: different, loop 

Year: 2017

Upon entering the gallery space, the visitor comes across a larger quantity of gallery inventory: ladder, broom, rolled-up painting, an easel, cardboard boxes, reflectors, cables, pedestals of different shapes, a coat hanger... Nothing indicates that this is a gallery set-up. However, next to the storeroom door, there is the video installation showing the author who, in a brisk manner, in one direction, from that storeroom carries out the objects we have noticed in the gallery space. The reason for carrying out the objects is clear - he needs them to set up the exhibition. This video installation was created in the gallery space in which it was displayed, and is part of the exhibition titled Exhibition.

Stills from the video installation of the exhibition "Exhibition"
at the Gallery Događanja, Zagreb, Croatia

Photo documentation of the exhibition "Exhibition"
Installation set-up at the Gallery Događanja, Zagreb, Croatia